More Kelo madness

Under the awful Supreme Ct. Kelo decision, governments were given the green light to seize private property and then transfer it to others, rather than just seizing property for public projects like roads, bridges and airports.

New York gives us the latest example of how this awful decision works in favor of the powerful and well-connected and against the ordinary taxpayer.  Read here.

Megan Mcardle has an absolutely spot on analysis of why this sucks.  Read here.


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One Response to More Kelo madness

  1. Alex Zorach says:

    I also feel very passionately that Kelo is a very dangerous (and unconstitutional) decision and I find it distressing that this type of seizure is continuing to happen.

    I just the Kelo case as an example of how the liberal wing of the supreme court can go terribly wrong, in my post about imagining an ideal U.S. supreme court.

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