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Good news on the photography front

The Atlanta PD now understand.  I hope this becomes standard across the nation. Advertisements

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More dumb attorney craziness

Don’t piss off appellate courts.  Just don’t.

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Police misconduct

I don’t think this sort of thing is common, but I think its more common than most people would like to believe. And behavior like this only makes me believe that the statement above is true.

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More Canadian craziness from the human rights racket

I’ve got to think that if this was going on in the U.S.  there would be riots and pitchforks.  Thank gosh that for now this kind of carziness is limited to our neighbor to the north.  I am glad to … Continue reading

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Interesting photography news

This story is interesting.  While I support the right of photographers to photograph public areas, it seems this person, an illegeal alien, was photographing areas that either weren’t public or were areas where photography is banned.  Glad to see the … Continue reading

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Crazy lawyer (law student edition)

This person’s conviction will probably keep them from ever practicing law, thank god.  Read about the craziest law student ever, IMHO.

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