Crime and law roundup

I recently did a couple of posts on how technology is making it harder to get away with crime.  The folks in New Jersey are making it even harder, though I think this probably goes too far.  Story here.

I’ve always been of two minds regarding traffic enforcement cameras.  I’ve hated speed cameras as they are clearly nothing more than revenue streams for companies and local governments.  I am more conflicted about red light cameras at intersections since T-bone accidents are some of the most dangerous.  However, this study seems to claim that the cameras don’t actually reduce accidents.

I had to read this story twice and I still don’t believe it.  How can a jail hold someone for two years without ever having them appear in court.  I am sure the guy was mentally disturbed, but, come on.  The taxpayers are going to suffer because of the failure of the county employees.

Finally, this is just weird.


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