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Traditionally, baseball has been the last bastion of the patron “assuming the risk” at a businessperson’s establishment.  That may be slowly changing.  I hope not. Advertisements

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Maybe not the best advocacy, but…

I am not sure that this is correct.  It might have been crass and poorly written, but I think that the lawyer had a point to make on his client’s behalf.

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FDCPA-Creating a false sense of urgency

One of the things forbidden by the FDCPA is the deceptive practice of creating a false sense of urgency.  As the bill collector is trying to create a sense of urgency in a debtor as part of their attempt to … Continue reading

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Tar and feathers and lots of it

I’d say the District court opinion here is correct, but it doesn’t show enough outrage for what the state did. Tar and feathers, boys and girls, Tar and feathers.

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A court gets it wrong

This decision seems to me completely wrong.  In fact, if followed it would seem to give the police license to delete photographs, including photographs that docuemnt police wrongdoing, and not suffer for it.

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Another recent W.D. KY FDCPA decision

This one is from back in July and is good news for the debt collection lawyer.  The law firm’s action in filing the foreclosure action, even if the facts in the complaint are incorrect (as claimed by the debtor) does … Continue reading

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More tar and feathers

The officers involved in this ought to lose their immunity from suit.

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