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This story is overwrought.  While there are plenty of dangers in UAVs used for domestic police work, what happened here is no different than if a police helicopter had been used. Advertisements

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FDCPA and foreclosure

Plaintiff’s continue to have mixed results in using the FDCPA to fight actions of law firms taken during foreclosure actions.  While the FDCPA does apply in general, its use continues to be limited by the courts.  Here is the latest … Continue reading

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Holy crap

I don’t like lawyer advertising to begin with, but holy crap, this is bad, even by lawyer advertising standards.

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Times have changed

In times past I’d read a story like this and think, “This can’t possibly be true”.  Nowadays, I believe it completely.  This is just more reason you should know your rights and you should not interact with authorities.  Sad, but … Continue reading

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The 9th Circuit gets it right

I am not a fan of the 9th Circuit, but this decision on a blogger in a First Amendment case gets it right.

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In Kentucky

The statute that amounts to protectionism in the moving industry is getting some attention here. And Kentucky’s disbarred lawyers get some attention in The Courier-Journal.

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Tar and feathers

Originally posted on David Knights' Weblog:
I am getting tired of even drawing attention to this type of stuff.

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