Debt buyer as a debt collector

The Western District of Kentucky addresses the issue of whether passive debt buyers can be debt collectors under the FDCPA and thus liable for the actions that the attorneys they hire take in collecting the debt.  Interesting note here, the Plaintiff is an attorney who specializes in consumer defense.

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Kentucky lawyer on the run

Story here.  I use to see his billboards all over Eastern Kentucky.

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Crazy Canada

This story seems a bit crazy.  I’d like to know the substance of what she posted.  I can’t imagine in the US that a professional licensing group could get away with such censorship.

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The Third Circuit gets one right

Letters mailed to a debtor at an address other than the debtor’s actual address are not communications with a third party.

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“Debt collector”

The Alabama Supreme Court reminds us that the term “Debt Collector” has a specific meaning under the FDCPA.

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When the revolution happens….

it will be because of stuff like this.

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Hate speech?

All this talk of “hate speech” and an exception to the First Amendment is baloney.  See here.

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