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Crazy Canada

This story seems a bit crazy.  I’d like to know the substance of what she posted.  I can’t imagine in the US that a professional licensing group could get away with such censorship. Advertisements

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Oh, Canada?

While I, from time to time, poke gentle fun at our neighbor to the north, I generally admire much of what they do.  Especially now that they had the good sense to repeal the odious Section 13 of their Human … Continue reading

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Canadian follies

Regular readers know that I love nothing better than poking a little fun at our neighbors in the Great White North, even while secretly being jealous that they have a more conservative, fiscally responsible government than we do. However, a … Continue reading

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Canada has no love for Cousin Eddie

Story here.  Damn, heartless Canadians! 🙂

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Canadian national nightmare approaches an end

The (alleged) syrup thieves have been arrested.  Most of the Strategic Syrup reserve has been recovered.  Thanks be to the almighty.

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Oh, Canada!

A major police bust in our neighbor to the north.  I wish someone had told me there was money to be made smuggling cheese.

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A Scale Canadian

Our intrepid Ohio/Canadian attorney/modeler is haivng his best blogging year since 2009 and should  easily have his most productive (blogging) year ever.  Drop on by and encourage him.

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