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FTC enforcement action

The FTC continues to file enforcement actions under the FDCPA.  The defendant here is incarcerated and proceeding pro se. Can’t say I am surprised he didn’t prevail. Advertisements

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More Eric Conn trouble

Kentucky Social Security attorney and wanted criminal Eric Conn now has more trouble.

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Kentucky lawyer on the run

Story here.  I use to see his billboards all over Eastern Kentucky.

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When the revolution happens….

it will be because of stuff like this.

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Want to be attorneys

Here is a case dismissing an FDCPA claim, as well as some other claims.  The interesting part is the court’s notes about the Plaintiff and the numerous possibly related suits.  You see this a lot in collection cases, someone with … Continue reading

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Florida takes a set in the right direction

No more seizing property of people who are not charged with a crime.

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Drone v. Privacy

Charges have been dismissed against a KY man who shot down a radio controlled drone over his back yard. (Full disclosure: I went to law school with the judge in the case, Rebecca Ward.)

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