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When the revolution happens….

it will be because of stuff like this. Advertisements

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Leaving voice mail messages is an area fraught with danger for debt collectors. Here, the collector left the “this is a debt collector” language on the message.  The court ruled in the collector’s favor, but noted that courts have gone … Continue reading

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A win for privacy

A unanimous Supreme Court recently decided that the police can’t search a cell phone taken from a suspect during an arrest without first obtaining a warrant.  The Instapundit writes about the decision here.

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Technology and the practice of law

This is an area of interest for me.  I am not a fan of Apple products and thus I found this interesting.

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Story here.  Short version, police using a technology to track cell phones in law enforcement matters.  Doing so without a warrant and POSSIBLY lying to the courts about it.  ACLU files suit to obtain information on the use of the technology to … Continue reading

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What the internet hath wrought

With the ability that  the internet has given customers to more easily review and express opinion, lawsuits by those who received unflatering reviews grows daily. Story here and here.

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Big companies are trying to slip manditory arbitration agreements into more and more interactions with customers.  Story here.  Not sure they can make this stick.

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