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Crazy Canada

This story seems a bit crazy.  I’d like to know the substance of what she posted.  I can’t imagine in the US that a professional licensing group could get away with such censorship.

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The Third Circuit gets one right

Letters mailed to a debtor at an address other than the debtor’s actual address are not communications with a third party.

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“Debt collector”

The Alabama Supreme Court reminds us that the term “Debt Collector” has a specific meaning under the FDCPA.

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When the revolution happens….

it will be because of stuff like this.

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Hate speech?

All this talk of “hate speech” and an exception to the First Amendment is baloney.  See here.

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You really have to screw up…

to lose qualified immunity.  However, a NASA employee did it.  

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Foreclosure inspectors

They aren’t debt collectors under the FDCPA as stated by the WD of KY.

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